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September 2023 marked my first month as an American living in America in nearly 20 years. Our lives are not only US-based, but all four of us are living and working within 60 miles of each other. we live in a truly spectacular area, and the dog and I take 1-2 mile walks together every morning. I also now spend 2 hours each weekday in the car, shuttling a kid to and from school. I will say, the roads are beautiful, despite the shocking driving of the locals. All of those hours in the car and out walking with Poppy equal a lot of time for audiobooks! I'm especially grateful to NetGalley this month because I tore through audiobooks at a never-before-seen pace thanks to having so many on hand. I read fiction (historical, contemporary, thrillers, police procedurals), nonfiction, memoirs, and even (GASP) a romance. And I liked *almost* everything. I'm taking time to appreciate my first Autumn in 15 years, especially since I know it means I'm about to get my first winter in the same.

This month, since I read so many, I will go back to posting links and snapshot ratings in order of best to worst. If you want to read my full review, click on the image.

The House is on Fire

by Rachel Beanland

Narrators: Joniece Abbott-Pratt, Andi Arndt, Michael Crouch, Ruffin Prentiss III


Historical Fiction, Audible

Female Author

Symphony of Secrets

by Brendan Slocumb

Narrated by: Chanté McCormick, Brendan Slocumb


Contemporary Fiction, Audible,

POC Authors

The Golden Gate by Amy Chua

Narrated by Robb Moreira, Suzanne Toren, Tim Campbell


Historical Fiction/Mystery

Audible, NetGalley, AAPI Authors

Sure I'll Join Your Cult

by Maria Bamford

Narrated by Maria Bamford


Memoir, Audible, Female Authors

The Forgotten Girls by Monica Potts

Narrated by Monica Potts


Memoir, Audible, Female Authors

Now You See Us by Balli Kaur Jaswal

Narrated by Angela Lin


Contemporary Fiction

Audible, AAPI Authors, Female Authors

Correction: Parole, Prison, and the Possibility of Change by Ben Austen

Narrated by Brett Barry

Release Date: November 7, 2023


Nonfiction, Audible, NetGalley

Let Him In by William Friend

Narrated by Jodie Harris and

Johnathan Johns

Release Date: October 3, 2023


Supernatural Thriller, Audible, NetGalley

Blackwater Falls by

Ausma Zehanat Khan

Narrated by Fareeda Pasha


Police Procedural, Diverse Voices, Audible, Female Author

Killing Me by

Michelle Gagnon


Mystery/Thriller, NetGalley, Female Authors

The Quiet Dead by NJ Mackay

Narrated by Elizabeth Knowelden


Mystery/Thriller, Police Procedural, Audible, NetGalley, Female Authors

Being Henry: The Fonz...and Beyond by Henry Winkler

Narrated by Henry Winkler


Memoir, Audible, NetGalley

Love at First Psych by Cara Bastone

Read by Santino Fontana, Stephanie Einstein, Mary Ann Jacobs, William Merryn Hill, Emily Bauer, Matt Boren, Piper Goodeve, Gabra Zackman, Mia Jenness, Elliott Fullam, Petrea Burchard, Ralph Lister, Jack de Golia


Romance, Audible Freebie

The Guest by Emma Cline


Contemporary Fiction, Female Authors, NetGalley

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