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A Little Bit of Everything in April

April marked the first full month that my girls and myself spent entirely outside of COVID restrictions, Hong Kong's bizarre ever-changing regulations and tomfoolery, and the first time since they were babies that we spent springtime In the US. We enjoyed a quick get-away to Naples, Florida where I listened to one book and struggled to get through another on Kindle. We all tired of the drudgery of middle-of-the-night-online school. I spent a week in Connecticut helping to caretake my stepsister who is recovering from ACL repair surgery. I thought I'd read a lot while there, but it turns out we talked a whole lot more than I read. And if you know me, you know I can TALK. I did listen to two terrific books while in transit, however. I also watched a LOT of bad television in April. So if you'd like a quick review of what not to do late a night while your kids are in zoom school, shoot me a note and I'll give you the lowdown.

It took me halfway through April to get to writing my March reviews and posting my April TBR so I promised myself I would get to it faster this month. So here you have it! I managed to get through seven books in April, though because I really struggled to get through Harlem Shuffle, and I'm taking my time with Three Sisters, all but ONE of them were audible "reads". Two were ARCs courtesy of Netgalley. I'm here with my quick links to full reviews and at-a-glance visual overviews of my April reads & ratings. As always, take everything I say with a grain of salt. For my full GoodReads review click on the image. In order of date finished:

The Life We Bury

by Allen Eskens

Fiction, Thriller, Series

3.5 stars

True Biz

by Sara Nović

Fiction, YA, Reece's Book Club, Female Authors

4 stars

Harlem Shuffle

by Colson Whitehead

Historical Fiction, AA Fiction, BIPOC Authors, Book Club

3 stars

10 Minutes, 38 Seconds in This Strange World

by Elif Shafak

Contemporary Fiction, Female Authors

4.25 stars

The Importance of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde

Classics, Plays, Comedy

3 stars

The Museum of Extraordinary Things

by Alice Hoffman

Fiction, Historical Fiction, Female Authors

3.5 stars

The Final Hunt

by Audrey J. Cole

Fiction, Thriller, Female Authors

3.5 stars

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