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Three Stars for this Friendship Memoir

NetGalley makes me happy. I confess to signing up only to get free books. I resented having to take time out of reading to write what I thought about the books. I just wanted to consume more books. BUT. I admit. NetGalley has been a godsend in that it has introduced me to new authors, new genres, new ideas...and new people.

Also. I'm blogging again. That might not be a good thing, but whatevs.

That's right, I just typed whatevs. Come at me Gen Z. Or should I hashtag that with my side part?

Haha. Seriously, though. Big Friendship by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman is a book I downloaded from NetGalley and subsequently "lost" to my second page. I didn't know I had a second page. So I'm guiltily working my way back to only having a first page. This is not bad. It's just a lot of reading. I cannot remember how the book initially hit my radar, but at Christmas I was seeking unique and personal gifts for one of my oldest and dearest friends and I saw this book suggested. And I remembered I had downloaded it. But where was it. Hence, my discovery of page 2.

My friend and I had a chat about reading this as a book club. But after finishing it I don't think it's meaty enough. It was good. I liked a lot about it. And I didn't love a few things about it. But it's unique in that it is one of the only books I've ever seen about platonic friendship and friendship between women and how important it is.

I love hearing more about Shine Theory and I will invest more time into discovering their brainchild. But I'm not invested enough to add their podcast to my list...and I felt like it was a little too self-promotional. For my full Goodreads review, please click on this link .

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